Manual Valves
Manual Valves
Chemline provide a complete selection of industrial thermoplastic valves to handle corrosive and abrasive chemicals, including concentrated acids and caustics, solvents, halogens and various other hostile fluids.

Ball, Butterfly, Diaphragm, Check, Gate, Globe, Back Pressure/Pressure Relief, Needle, Labcocks, Lab Faucets, Ball Float, Air & Vacuum Release

Actuation and Actuated Valves
Actuation and Actuated Valves
Chemline offers a complete range of Electric and Pneumatic Actuators complete with accessories for actuating Ball, Butterfly and Diaphragm Valves

Electric Actuators - Electromni, Q Series, A Series, V Series
Pneumatic Actuators - PA, PP, PG, P3, PH Series
Pneumatically Actuated Diaphragm Valves - 700 Series, Type 14

Controls and Flow Meters
Controls and Flow Meters Gauge Isolators, Air Release Valves, Back Pressure/Relief Valves, Pressure Regulating/Reducing Valves,Characterized Control Valves, and Variable Area Flow Meters.

Digiflow FlowX3 Flow Meters and Instruments
Digiflow FlowX3 Paddle Wheel Flow Meters & Instruments
Chemline offers a wide range of solutions for flow measurement, including sensors, monitors and transmitters as well as a complete line of installation fittings, all aligned with the today's global market and quality standards.

Piping Systems
Piping Systems: Pipe and Fittings, Manifolds and Welding Equipment
AirPro (for compressed air): to 110 mm
Polypropylene (PP): to 1400 mm
Unpigmented Polypropylene (UPP): to 110 mm
PVDF: to 400 mm
ECTFE (Halar): to 110 mm
Dual Containment - Many combinations of Carrier/Containment Pipe
Welders: A full line of Butt Fusion, Socket Fusion and IR Fusion Welders
Custom Manifolds: in thermoplastic materials

Manifolds: are fabricated using CNC Butt Welding Technology in sizes 3" to 12" are available in most thermoplastic materials.

NSF 61
NSF 61